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Imagine yourself having a big wedding, a small wedding, a 5k wedding, a 20k wedding, eloping. I had a friends who was going to plan a big wedding, but then they wanted to get married faster.

Better than that, I think wedding planning actually strengthened our relationship. I'd just encourage you to daydream. Should we do a courthouse wedding, a destination wedding, an all inclusive venue or one where we had to bring everything in? We had a small wedding and will have a big party this summer for all those other people that we like but didn't actually want at our wedding.

Our Catholic Wedding


Daring to dream.

In All Honesty

I didn't not want a wedding, I just didn't actively want one. It wasn't the most fun part of wedding planning, but it was exactly what we needed to get things moving. So they had a small wedding- immediate family and a couple of very close friends. We just had a lot going on in general and wedding planning wasn't a priority. Our wedding will have ~40 of our closest family members and friends there, which helps with both budget and stress level.

We've flipped and flopped all over from a fairly "traditional" style wedding, to eloping with a party after. We've decided that we're having a big wedding, and we're slowlyyyy making moves in that direction. I just posted my recap and we were engaged for 3 years and planned our wedding in 5 months. We knew we had to have a big wedding with at least some of the traditional fanfare.

But I'm A Slow Starter

We got engaged on our 7th anniversary in December and our wedding is May 28th of this year. Further info on our compromise - we are having an elegant, minimalist, large and relaxed wedding. Then, after my folks are back from vacation, we're doing a 50ish person wedding in June. Will you feel like you missed out on doing something if you have a big, "traditional" wedding? Our solution has been to plan an extremely simple and small wedding. We'll still have a fun rehearsal dinner the night before, but day-of I wanted to keep it simple. It seems like you might want the wedding just not the work and this might be a compromise. I didn't want to go through the hoopla of a wedding. The idea of planning gave me hives, I disliked every part of the wedding process.

Just remember that no matter what type of wedding you pick it'll be the right one for you both. Then do those things and incorporate or ignore as much of the other wedding Stuff as you want. Personally I find that a good happy-medium between that craving for eloping and any worries I had about including friends/family.

And Easly Stressed

But I found that coordinating dancing , alcohol, and timeline was the most stressful for me so this was my solution. We decided on a big party with all of our friends and family, because we're moving across country right after. You might try narrowing it down, even to a list that's super far apart, and meet with a wedding planner for a consultation. I didn't want to get married in 2016, for tax planning reasons. After speaking with our parents we can't quite elope, as my mom said she really wants to be there.

That should give you a clearer idea of what type of wedding you want to have.