I don't think the guests should have to pay for parking. I don't know what etiquette dictates but I have never been to a Canadian wedding where the bride and groom pays for parking. I don't think it's unreasonable, if you're getting married in a large city, downtown, it's to be expected. I don't think anybody would expect that you would pay for parking. I could use some insight, because I don't know if I'm looking at this rationally or being completely unrealistic. Maybe it's because I live in a city and paying for parking is just the norm but I wouldn't pay for my guests parking. I wonder if the reason I don't know about parking is that I usually just find a free lot and walk from there.

I am not sure, but I think most people will assume reasonable travel expenses and that includes parking. Great for getting home/back to the hotel safe There are no free places to park at/near our wedding venue. I've been to weddings where you had to pay for parking either in the lot or at meters near by. For guests that didn't do this, I heard lots of rumblings about how they were upset about the situation. I don't want my guests to incur any unnecessary costs related to my wedding, but there is no easy way to cover this parking for them. I went to a wedding recently where we had to pay for garage parking in a large city. I don't think you should be required to offer parking. I would worry, just make sure you leg people know there is a charge for parking on your wedding website. It's not like the TTC shuts down at night, so no matter how late the party went, I know I wouldn't be stranded downtown. At our venue, guests had to park at one if a few nearby lots and walk to the restaurant. The building offers prepaid parking passes, but I have no way of knowing how many people plan on driving vs.

I also have no way of getting a stack of pre-paid parking vouchers to people prior to the wedding. We paid for ten spots at the venue for vendors , but we told guests who are staying nearby to take cabs. I've been to a number of weddings where I had to pay for parking, sometimes quite a bit. If there are any other parking lots/garages that are cheaper near your venue, I would also list those. However an email letting people know that parking is either hard to find or has to be paid for might be nice. The building owns the parking facility, and the restaurant venue has no pull in getting us parking passes. I think it's considerate of you to pay for parking. If you were a guest, would it ruin your overall experience if you had to pay a hefty fee to park? We will definitely follow through re: suggestions to put details about the cost and alternative transportation options on the wedding website. I spoke to my venue about the parking lot within the building that we are getting married.

So long as you tell your guests about the parking situation, you definitely don't need to pay for parking. Let your guests worry about the parking, I live in NYC and whenever I'm invited to a party in Manhattan I pay/search for my own parking. If I were going to a wedding in the heart of downtown I would take transit. I for one would never approach a groomsmen for a 20 bill of the bride and grooms money. I guess what I am wondering is this: is this something I should be stressing about? Your guests are all grown ups and for every other event in their lives they will have to pay for parking. I'm getting married in Boston and I think we're going to pay for a few spots, but I think the majority of people are staying at the hotel. Anyone from a large city knows that parking downtown, no matter the day, can be unreasonably pricey. Since the venue is almost sitting on top of Union Station, I hope that many opt to take public transit. ETA: Though if someone is like driving your great-grandmother in because she can't get around easily or something like that. We are having our wedding in downtown NYC.

I'd probably have to budget another $2k if I was going to pay for parking! At our venue you have to pay for parking, because it is in a city. I'd just have something on your website or let everyone know what the different parking options are.

Furthermore it is first find a place to park, then you have to pay, then get to the venue. I would feel weird walking up to the emcee and asking for a $20 bill to cover my parking. I would assume that most people won't be driving as its a wedding and those that do drive already know the cost of parking in Toronto. It is so much easier if you can tell guests park in this garage and the parking will be paid for. The parking thing is usually for out of town guests, and it's usually covered by the bride and groom. This is one of those details that really nice when it's covered, but people don't really care if it's not.

Honestly if you have a wedding website, tell people their options for getting there and leave it at that.

I think the most I ever paid was $5 for a whole day. I think anyone familiar with Toronto knows they will be paying for parking. You could also give some decent public transportation instructions that will allow guests to bypass the parking situation. Paying for parking is just standard practice in any city. It would be way better for you to give them taxi chits than to provide free parking.

As someone who has apparently been confused, I'd appreciate a heads up on the cost of parking in the building's garage. But lets be honest, this wedding has already cost enough and the idea of maybe another $200-$300 for parking is making me feel dizzy. We're right near the big subway hub, so hopefully most of them opt to find alternatives to driving. My venue only has valet parking and we are paying for the guests. That's what I did - drove in from the suburbs and parked at a commuter rail station , then took the train Goodness.