If anyone has any ideas on what we could do in the next few days to make this fun and special please share.

I also am not sure about how wedding etiquette applies to a wedding of these circumstances. However, complication after complication has caused her to have been in the ICU for the last 6 weeks on a ventilator.

I am going to talk to the nurse manager today to see if they can help make the room festive for the ceremony. After 8 months of ups and downs, and being in a ton of pain, she is ready to let go.

I am also going to ask if they have a photographer who comes in and does these things. Her mom will also bring a wedding ring to pick from. -I am wearing business causal attire and there is no dress code for the rest of the guests. Nurses said there is a chance she could get a speaking valve put in if she wants to read her vows. Because of her wide array of chronic issues, the doctors made it very clear to us that the odds of her ever leaving the ICU are basically zero. I am going tomorrow to try to find a simple engagement ring. Because its in a city 2. 5 from our mutual hometown, it is hard for a lot of people to come down and see her.

We will have sparkling cider to toast and will ask her aunt to bring a cake. I have some friends helping get things together so I don't know if we need any help, but thank you all so much for your input. Should we make some wedding favors? Even if everything went perfectly with no complications it would be 6 mo before she would be strong enough to get out suffering greatly in the mean time. She cannot speak and is not supposed to eat or drink anything. We will have my friend take some pictures of the ceremony. Should my fiancee write my vows out ahead of time? One of our friends who is clergy will perform it beside for us. We don't even have a ring yet.

My mother is bringing a bouquet of fake flowers for her. This will be an engagement ring to put on facebook. Should we have someone read them on her behalf?

Other than this I don't know what to do. Thank you all in advance for your help.

I'll still be checking for other ideas. Should we have some music? Should we write our vows? We are in Pittsburgh.

Much love to you all. We'll talk to them today about this. and couldn't find anything.

Thank you everyone for the reaponses.