I think silk flowers are a great idea for diy weddings, but if you are on a budget and still going for a very formal style wedding, I think silk flowers would be tacky in that case.

I got fake flowers because there was no way I would be able to afford real flowers. I'm using nothing but silk flowers for my wedding, and I think they look AWESOME! ;) If you think fake flowers are tacky, the best way to solve that problem is to severely limit how many flowers you use. I may be biased because I bought fake flowers but I don't think they are tacky if you do them right. For up close arrangements like centerpieces I strongly prefer fresh flowers or something nonfloral to fake flowers. I feel better :) I am doing fake flowers, this is my bouquet I think up close yeah it can appear tacky but I did a few shots with my DSLR camera and it looks pretty nice. Our florist was great, we haggled and are actually doing a mixture of high ball arrangements with fake flowers and low ball with fresh flowers. I just ordered 170 bucks of silk flowers that will be enough for all my decorations, bouquets and boutonnieres. If they do, they need to GET OVER THEMSELVES. I am having fake flowers, but I am making them. I could not believe how expensive a bridal bouquet is with real flowers.

Personally, I don't like how fake flowers look. With silk flowers, I can do them months in advance and not stress out about it. I think the dried flowers would fit in better at an outdoor reception, rather than silk. I could not afford what I wanted if I used real flowers. Do what you like and don't break the bank to make everyone happy because you got real flowers instead of silk. Honestly anyone that has a problem with me using silk flowers is not the type of person I want to associate with. My personal opinion is that I can't stand silk flowers, that has more to do with memories of them growing up lol! I've never been to any wedding and thought, "Oh gosh, fake flowers, how terrible. " I'm also going with fake flowers, seeing as it's cheaper and my FH has bad allergies haha. You can get nice flowers at Hobby Lobby and they go on sale for 50% off every other week.

I got all of the flowers I needed to make corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets, and centerpieces for 12 tables for $100 at Hobby Lobby. It you hadn't told me it was silk flowers I wouldn't have noticed! You have to make sure the flowers you choose are good quality, and definitely buy your flowers on sale, craft stores to 40-50% off often. Worried your guests will find fake flowers as decorations tacky? To be honest, I think they look better than the real thing because they don't sag like real sunflowers usually do. There's a lot of other places you can get nice fake flowers, too.

We will be using all silk flowers for our entire wedding. I'm not a fan of silk flowers, so we're doing a combination of silk and foam. So, if you're worried about how they'll look, you should look into a combination of silk/foam/latex flowers with some of each. I think they work fine as bouquets where yu are far enough away from them you can't tell they are fake. However, I can only afford it with fake flowers. I am even adding some fragrance oil to my flowers so they will give off a slight scent.

Not trying to brag here about her wedding cost by the way, I thought telling you would just go to show that nobody thinks less of fake flowers anymore! NO ONE is going to remember the fake flowers at your wedding. Don't like how much a bridal bouquet of real flowers cost? :) I'm definitely biased since my whole wedding is using silk flowers. I personally am not a huge fan of silk flowers.

I helped my sister make silk flower centerpieces for her $25,000 wedding and not one person made a negative comment. I think it really depends on which specific flowers you get. They were cheaper than real flowers, I could put it all together myself ahead of time with no surprises about what they'll actually look like or worrying about them falling apart.