A chest cold is by definition caused by bacterial infection Chest cold aka bronchitis aka infection. I developed a chest cold out of nowhere, and heard that this may have caused it. I didn't say it was an infection, more like a chest cold.

Unless contaminated eating spicy food will not inherently make you sick the same way that bread will not inherently make you sick. It's actually pretty flavorful if you use a small amount on your food, but I was putting this stuff on pretty much everything I ate. And we are talking about finely ground ghost pepper that you shake on top of food that is about as big as regular salt. It's like a regular pepper grinder but ghost chilis instead.

I ran about a week ago with a cough left over from a cold, and it didn't do me any harm. I coughed like crazy while running at the end of a cold, but it really did seem to clear stuff up.

I feel fine now, other than this damn lingering cough. I'm home my head is heavy, I can't stop coughing my chest hurts even my eye ball hurts if I move them. They're all smoking cigarettes in the house and I have a moment or two where I feel like I'm suffocating. I'm wheezing when I cough now and finding it difficult to breathe out of both my nose and my esophagus. So I pluck up the courage to get in the shower and try to spruce up and pretend to feel better.

It comes and goes so I decided to take my break only 4 hours in and eat something. I trudge on, applying a peppermint essential oil to my chest, drinking tea. I eat 4 rolls and I'm off to the bathroom throwing it up.