We will be have table runners but not table cloths. I want to make sure every table is the same so people don't feel relegated to a single area. But I figured I would ask because you guys always have creative ideas :) Decorative runners will be less work and more cut and dry. We tied some ribbons etc or glued fake flowers on the glass jars for some small decorative elements on the tables. With candles its just put them on the table wherever same with flowers.

We had runners for the tables, and then used a variety of glass jars to hold real or LED candles.

I cringe and the expense of painstakingly decorating every single table. Garland of faux flowers with a couple of flameless candles I would just scatter some candles and tall/skinny vases with a few flowers. The table runners are going to be a green burlap. Since no one would be looking directly at the centerpieces since they weren't on any tables, we used fake flowers for these.

The hops we found at I believe Michael's in the fake flowers section. What do your table runners look like? I have almost triple the amount of seating we need. Garlands of flowers could be nice and easy to place, while keeping clutter down because your tables are quite narrow. Thanks, we super cheaped out on decorating because I couldn't stomach spending so much on things we'd only have for one day.

I am feeling very utilitarian about the whole thing so I may just say EFF IT! coke bottles Or empty beer bottles from a selection of our favorites. We are doing dried wildflower bouquets so maybe I can get them to make me something similar if it's not too expensive.

You could add candles or flowers on top in whatever way you want and boom decoration. Perhaps a simple green garland like one that was suggested some dried flowers mixed in would be great.

Maybe you could push the two tables together - effectively cutting the number "extra" tables in half and doubling your decorating space. I could just get a few extra bundles from the farm I am buying from. It's basically just enough room for 8 people to each have a plate of food and a pint of beer, plus a little elbow room. or maybe use the those same wildflowers in eclectic jars or bottles you've collected through your travels! I think I like the idea of short garlands of flowers.

You can literally just get coke bottles and put some flowers in them.