I had a fake cake from one of our weddings that I will link once I figure out how. I work for a wedding venue and we see fake cakes all the time.

The real cost saving with cakes is if you rent a pre-decorated styrofoam cake with a little wedge of real cake that you can use for the cake cutting. I'm less than 9 months out. but I have no idea when I need to start booking a cake baker.

I had a tasting at a cake shop that did fake cakes. You could have the base be all real cake and then a 2nd or 3rd fake tier? My friends told me once I started looking I'd have strong opinions, but I really don't.

Haha yeah, I just feel like I've put so much thought into everything else, I should care about the cake. But if you are looking for ideas, I've seen a few wedding cakes that could be pretty cool. The very top layer of the cake will be real cake so that we can save it for our anniversary. this is a photo of a fake wedding cake. And cake tasting is one of the best parts of wedding planning, and unfortunately I didn't get to do it with ours. I just moved back home after 7 years and I"d ratther go out and make friends than plan a wedding lately. Well, it is probably, but it's such a little thing that I don't really care to argue about it.

Haha I thought about leaving out the /s, but I decided the internet wasn't the best place to trust tone to come through.

They did sheet cakes and just used a 4 tier cake for display.

Busier cakes can actually be less difficult than something minimalist because business can hide a lot of flaws.

You could ask your venue to recommend a cake decorator, or just look at a couple of cake decorator's portfolios.

Sheet cakes are so cheap and often you can get one that matches the flavor of the bottom tier of the cake. Our reception hall includes a hefty dessert spread so we just need a smaller-ish cake for cutting and stuff. My mom's heard stories about cakes where the bottoms are cardboard or something so it cuts the price, but still is a fancy-ish cake.

We're just going to pretend to cut the bottom layer of the fake cake and then smack each other in the face with rice krispy pops. The cake cutting is non-negotiable with my dad. The problem is, for all the other vendors, I've had really good people recommended or friends of family in the business. My friends had small cakes at each table and a big "cake" for cutting. However, Dad REALLY wants us to have a nice one for the cake cutting thing. And it sounds like my dad wants something a little more dramatic than a one tier cake. We're doing something similar and right now are just planning on pretending to cut the bottom fake tier bc I'm afraid if I cut the top little tier I'll break everything. It makes him happy and I get to shove cake in FH's face.

And even if your decoration is pretty minimal, it takes a lot of skill and time to get a clean, smooth look. For the cake, I don't know anyone. I was in a wedding a few years ago. Don't think that a fake cake will eliminate your ability to make it dramatic or as elaborate as you or your father would like it to be. I'm ambivalent-ish but they're paying for it so I have to find something.

The bottom tier is real and the other tiers are all plastic with fondant decoration.