I'm doing real flowers for decorations and very obviously fake flowers for people - bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages. I know I'm doing fake flowers. In generally not a fan of fake flowers, but I really like it when flowers are obviously fake, it looks more like an aesthetic decision.

I'm doing real flowers.

I think a good half way point is to have real flowers for the most photographed flowers but fake for the rest? I really wanted to do real flowers but considering logistics and budget it really wasn't feasible. Plus I liked that FH and I could choose books that meant something to us :-) I'm doing dried flowers. So, I've been trying to find flowers that I like for my wedding. But there is something to be said about having real flowers, ya know? So far I haven't really found any packages that I like that come in the colors I want for a decent amount. I was thinking about doing dried flowers as well. I'd have non-flowery decorations before I'd do fake flowers, but that's just me. I wanted to make sure it didn't look too fake, and from a distance you can't even tell.

The prices seemed high, but then I realized why - so So many flowers. The issue is though the real flowers. I'm pretty handy and am DIYing many aspects of my wedding, but flowers are so intimidating! Fake flowers simply because I am having a courthouse wedding and logistically it works better to be able to do it that way. I took them apart and made a total of FIVE bouquets from one bridal bouquet and one bouquet, and still have flowers leftover.