If you found vintage wood ladders or doors and attached succulents and other decorations to them instead of the venue's walls? I asked my venue what other brides had done and she just sent me the list of NOs again.

We had our DJ do uplighting for us and it really added pops of color to the walls without having to do decorations. I was wondering if you had any pictures or recollections of what people have done for decorations, though. I love the idea of taking things away from the walls and creating dimension and texture. Usually you can't use tape because it takes off paint, sticky tack doesn't leave any marks.

It wouldn't need to be attached, just hook it over the top and the fixture should keep it in place. I went that route because it was very simple and I didn't want to spend all the time and money on extensive decorations. Also, do not be afraid to ask your venue for ideas of what other people have done or vendors they might recommend. Use fishing wire and half-un bent paperclips to hang them in the ceiling tiles, if they will let you. I'm a big fan of this plant stand from ikea, or things that you could build up. I think the windows and ceiling won't really bother you when it's dark out.

Find bolts of a sheer fabric on clearance to drape around your venue, wrap around any banisters or columns, dj booth, etc.

Also, lighting design. Im not exactly engaged or really planning, but this exact rule made me change my venue choice Does anyone have any creative ideas for making a reception look great without breaking the rules? You could pile up wooden food crates and stick in potted succulents and air plants. Also, sticky-tac can help hold some stuff up without leaving marks. Without seeing it, my first thought is either large floor vases with sticks, pussywillows, maybe some greenery. Also on the non-window wall maybe you could consider some sort of free-standing backdrop? The thought of constraining my decorations to tabletops makes me sad.