I never even thought of the fact that they may be referring to using nails to hang things Since it's not in the contract, definitely argue it. If it is not in your contract I would fight that and ask to hang decor in a manner that won't harm the building. If so, I wonder if you could use a lattice type framework to attach decorations instead of directly on the walls. Any ideas on how to use these things still, or any new ideas? Most venues just don't allow you to hang things with nails or staples but allow tape.

It's definitely not in the contract, but I will have to call and clarify if tape is not allowed either. Today I was shopping around and I also thought about using dowels , in a little stand, just like, a chunk of wood. So HANGING is not allowed, but is having things AGAINST the walls allowed? I think room dividers are very pretty, and they would really help fill up some blank wall space! I just went and bought 2 helium balloons from WalMart, thinking maybe I could hang the flag banner with a balloon on each end, but I will need a cluster of balloons because it's too heavy. venue has similar rules, and I have nooooo idea what we're going to do about it! Our decorations almost exclusively hang from walls , and we have a few Chinese lanterns. We're not allowed either, but I'm not stressing because our venue has such nice windows and natural light. Probably should have mentioned that when you booked the venue for a wedding, that's a pretty big deal. Still might do it for a small section, but not really feasible for the whole thing.

So in a final walk through of our venue, just to get an idea of where to put decorations, how big the fridge there is, etc.

The lady mentioned to us that we could not hang things from the walls/ceiling. There is some metal that magnets could be used on- maybe your venue has something like that and magnets can be used.